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We all have nightmare stories or experiences with an auto shop somewhere. All our mechanics understand this which is why we go out of our way to take care of all your auto repair needs in the most efficient way possible. Our mission is simple: exceed all expectations. We’ve been around long enough to where fathers bring their sons and daughters with their vehicles to us for routine service and car repairs. That’s the highest compliment our customers can pay us. We do all we can to repay them by trying to be the best auto repair shop in Duluth.

Jimmy Tran started Southern Motor Works more than 12 years ago now with one goal in mind. He didn’t like what he saw other auto shops doing with their customers. He didn’t want to take any shortcuts with repairs, and he simply wanted to provide the best auto services around. He’s assembled a team of highly trained, highly experienced mechanics together to deliver expert, affordable auto repairs.

About Southern Motor Works In Duluth

For over 12 years now, we at Southern Motor Works have been proudly serving customers from areas all around Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Lawrenceville, Buford, and Duluth to ensure their cars receive the best service in town! Call us today at 770-497-0771 to schedule an appointment for high-quality auto repairs at an affordable cost.

Car Repairs Duluth GA

No one enjoys car problems- or even routine vehicle maintenance for that matter. When you have issues with your vehicle, you need a good mechanic that you can trust. You also need an auto repair shop that can take care of you like you’re important. That’s Southern Motor Works. For nearly two decades now, our auto mechanics have been providing honest, affordable car repairs with the best quality parts in the quickest turnaround possible right here in Duluth Georgia.

Auto Repair in Duluth Georgia

Get the Duluth Mechanics to take care of your automotive problems.

We’ve worked with business owners in and around Duluth for many years now. We appreciate the history and culture of Duluth. Not only have we been members of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce for years now (located in Duluth), we’ve been helping local business owners with referrals.

Transmission Repair in Duluth Georgia

When transmission goes out and you need some help, it is best to call a professional mechanic that makes your transmission fix an affordable and reliable experience. Transmission systems can take some time to repair if damaged are at a high threshold. Commonly, the drivetrain or the transmission system refers to the gearbox found within an automobile. The drivetrain is built to include the clutch, gearbox, drive shafts, and other working parts. Transmission is essential for any motorist to have repaired because it offers the internal combustion engine an output for speed and operation of the vehicle.  If your transmission needs a repair, then your car is probably not functioning. Preventing transmission damages is key to a successful drive on the road. Keep your car healthy and you will be happy to have saved money, time and driving confidence.

Auto Repair Company in Duluth GA

Every car auto repair model offers a different repair experience. If you have any problems regarding transmission, engine damage, brake replacements, radiator repair, hose damages, air conditioning service, timing belt replacement, engine light, muffler damage repair, car tire alignment or any kind of internal engine problems. We have the auto repairs services for every driver who needs help. Come by our shop and get the best car services Duluth must offer. Quality auto repair should always start with diagnosis. When you get an inspection, we will follow through an automobile inspection process that is an ASE certified standard and custom to your car model and car year. Auto care is important to us. It is our job to be there to count on for complete auto maintenance. We are an auto approved engine service that will work toward getting your car fixed and safe so you can enjoy your drive without worry.

Affordable Mechanics When You Need One

Got auto trouble and need some assistance? Look to Southern Motor Works auto shop to find mechanics who know what you need to get your car back on the road. We create a working process that brings functional repairs to any car model you can name. Our job is to establish honest and rightful mechanical engine repairs so that your car will be well cared for. Get the best auto repairs that Duluth GA can offer! When the car breaks down on the road, you can call us to help! Affordable and friendly service is key to the success of our company and when customers are happy, we are happy.

An Auto Shop You Can Trust!

Auto Repair Shop in Duluth Georgia Believes in Quality Over Quantity!

Whether you ask Siri, Alexa, or Google “ Where’s the best auto repair near me ” think Southern Motor Works. We understand that there are a lot of auto shops around Duluth, but at the end of the day, what makes Southern Motor Works more different is that you’re going to be treated like family, and to us, family means everything. As soon as you walk in, you’re going to get the best deal possible and the best car service and parts we can find. It’s nothing but the best for our customers. In fact, we want to be the best auto repair shop in Duluth! 

And, if you’re wondering “Where’s are the best mechanics near me?”, it’s smart to think Southern Motor Works where we have ASE certified mechanics which is one of the best certifications any auto mechanic can earn. Match our outstanding training with our excellent customer service, and you’re sure to have a great experience when you bring your vehicle to us. When you need an auto repair shop that cares, call Southern Motor Works and let us show you what it’s like to be treated right. Don’t turn up the radio on weird car noises, bring your vehicle to us today. Call our auto shop and let’s get you back on the road again. Our affordable auto repairs are done right!

Duluth Georgia was originally Cherokee Indian territory. In fact, Old Peachtree Road used to be an Indian trail that connected Fort Peachtree (now called Atlanta) to Fort Daniel which was in Dacula. Once the railroad came along, Duluth Georgia was actually named after Duluth Minnesota. Since those days, it’s grown to more than 20,000 residents and a hub of business and culture. Southern Motor Works is proud to help anyone who needs auto repairs around Duluth, Suwanee, Sugar Hill & Norcross. 

Auto Repair You Can Trust!

auto repair Duluth GA, auto repair near meNo one needs car problems in their life. But, when you have to have your car or truck serviced, you need mechanics you can trust to tell you what’s going on and do the job right. You need auto repair experts you can count on. That’s why you need Southern Motor Works.

Whenever we need our car repaired, one of the first things most of us think is, “Where’s an auto shop near me that I can trust?” If you live near Duluth, we want to be your first choice.

For more than 12 years now, our mechanics have been doing all they can to get our customers safely back on the road- without breaking the bank! We do more than just fix cars and trucks. We work with our customers so that know what’s going on and what needs to happen for their vehicle to run efficiently. We want to be your local auto shop.

Affordable Mechanics In Duluth GA

auto repair shops Duluth, mechanics DuluthAutomobiles are one of the world’s greatest and most used types of transportation today. With a large number of cars used on a daily basis, problems are bound to arise eventually. Whether your car needs transmission repairs, an oil change, or simply a general maintenance check, we at Southern Motor Works ensure that the job is done right every time.

By bringing your car infrequently for inspections or repairs, you could save yourself thousands of dollars by preventing further and more extreme damages to your car. At Southern Motor Works, we make it a priority to provide the low prices without compromising the quality of our work and materials.

Mechanics Near Me

best transmission repair Duluth, auto shops SuwaneeWe at Southern Motor Works ensure that your car will see the best Duluth mechanic it has ever known! With our highly trained professionals, any issue with your car will be quickly diagnosed and solved within a reasonable timeframe.

Before repairing your car, our honest mechanics will provide you with a complete breakdown of the problems your car may be experiencing and the cost to fix these complications. We ensure straightforward analyses of your car’s condition with no hidden fees that you need worry about coming in the mail a few weeks later. Come to your local Duluth mechanic at Southern Motor Works to let us faithfully and honestly provide you with the best auto repairs in town!

Transmission Repairs In Duluth GA

Many times, car owners neglect the importance of transmission inspections and repairs. Without a properly running transmission, your car will not be able to function as it should. The function of the transmission is to provide the internal combustion engine an output for speed and operation of your automobile. To ensure proper maintenance and repair of your transmission, finding a reliable mechanic that is skilled in these repairs is essential. At Southern Motor Works, our most skilled mechanics are are your disposal in repairing problems such as these efficiently and at an affordable cost!

Our Duluth Mechanics

We at Southern Motor Works think that it is important to know the people you’re entrusting with the repairs of your precious car. We also know that preventative auto care is necessary to prevent long-term auto damage and needs for mechanical repairs in the future. After years of providing quality car repairs to happy customers all around Duluth, our mechanics have gotten to know many of our customers on a personal level. With complete honesty and friendly attitudes, we have built strong connections with each of our clients that allow for a foundation of trust to be built. By building such a foundation, you can be confident that you’re receiving the quality work your car needs from honest experienced mechanics near you.

Finding A Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop

auto repair near me Duluth GA, auto repair Duluth, affordable auto repairs DuluthWe get a lot of customers who have had negative experiences with taking their cars to the dealer. Some people tell us that they feel it’s going to cost them big time every time they take their car to a dealer. We’ve all had nightmare stories where we’ve taken our vehicle somewhere and what seemed to be a little thing turned out to be an expensive undertaking. If you’d like to work with mechanics who work with you to protect your budget, call Southern Motor Works.

We’re your local auto shop, so not only do we work on your vehicle, but we shop at the same grocery stores, our kids go to the same schools, and we go to the same malls. This means we’ll see you around Duluth and the surrounding areas. When we do, we always want to feel good about seeing you. To make that happen, we know we always have to do our best for you. Our mechanics treat every vehicle we work on like it’s our own.

That’s how you know you can trust our auto repair. We stand behind our work, and we’re not going anywhere. We understand that a great reputation is means everything these days, so we feel strongly that we have to earn our reputation for every oil change, every transmission, and every phone call. We understand that the path to success is by doing the right thing.

Auto Repair Services Done Right!

These days, it seems there’s an auto shop on every corner, but many tend to specialize. This means you’ll have to take your car one place to get the muffler fixed, another to have the air conditioning repaired and a third place for an oil change. To us, that makes no sense. Our goal is to be your one-stop auto repair shop. You can bring your car to us for anything your vehicle needs, and we’ll work with you to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our goal is simple- to figure out what’s going on with your vehicle and explain it in easy to understand terms. No jargon or confusing explanations. Then, we work with you to figure out the best way to get you back on the road with the most affordable auto repairs possible. We want to help you with your vehicle as well as your budget.

This means that there are times when you as the vehicle owner may have to make some tough decisions, but we’ll be right there to help you explore all your options. For example, we always recommend using new parts for car repairs, but there are times when you may not be able to afford an auto repair with new parts. That’s when we’ll work with you to see what we can do. We want to be straightforward with you and help you get back on the road.

auto shop near me Duluth GA, car service near me Duluth GAJust a quick list of the auto repair services we provide include:

Stop taking your car around town to see all the different “specialists”. We have the best mechanics with the most experience and training to make all your car repairs and all your regular vehicle maintenance. Call us for an appointment today!

Why Come To Our Auto Repair Shop?

auto shops near me Duluth, mechanics near me DuluthLike most mechanics, the guys that turn wrenches at Southern Motor Works don’t just work on cars for a living. Like we said, our mechanics repair cars because they love doing it. We understand that our reputation depends upon every oil change, every transmission, and every engine rebuild. At Southern Motor Works, doing a great job is a matter of pride and craftsmanship. We aim for quality car repair for all makes and models.

We have 7 lifts and repair bays that always seem active, but we can always make time for your vehicle. Whether you have a car or truck, our goal is to always provide affordable auto repairs.

There are dozens of auto shops nearby. When it comes down to it, it’s important to work with mechanics that you trust and that understand that they need to continue to earn your trust every time. That’s Southern Motor Works.

When you leave Southern Motor Works, we want you to feel comfortable that you will get the best car repairs in Duluth or anywhere for that matter. Our first goal is to use the highest quality parts in the market, but we’re also willing to explore other options if there are budgetary issues. Sometimes refurbished or used parts can work out just fine to get you back on the road. Either way, we’ll help you decide. Our mechanics partner with you to help you decide what’s right for your vehicle.

The Auto Shop With The Wide Reach Around Duluth

People bring their vehicles from all around Gwinnett County. Besides being a local auto repair shop for everyone in Duluth, people bring us their cars for service from Buford, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, Norcross, and Suwanee. We’re the auto repair shop you can always count on. Call us today at 770-497-0771 for all of your auto mechanic needs!


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