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Tire Repair Service Near Me Duluth GA

Tire Repair Near Me

Get the best tires at an affordable price! When you seek a reliable and fast service that makes your car tires last, you can count on us to provide at full throttle. Make your money reach by finding an affordable tire change or tire repair solution at Southern Motor Works Auto Service Company. Our auto repair tire service center is ready to get your car back on the road in no time! Balding or torn tire treads can be an un-easing feeling while driving, what is even worse is losing a tire while on the highway or street! Get over to Southern Motor Works for a tire repair service like no other.

Tire Service & Flat Tire Repair Duluth Georgia

A flat tire emergency is always a risk when driving an automobile that hasn’t been routinely inspected by a multi-point inspection auto professional. Learn how to prevent car care. Wheel diameter and tire tread specifications are very important and can determine majority of the cost.

We are best able to serve our customers with any of the below questions.

How to repair a punctured tire?

How to repair a tire valve?

How to repair a tire leak?

How to repair a flat tire?

How much cost is tire repair?

How to repair a tire?

How to repair truck tire?

How to repair tire pressure sensor?

Tire and Wheel Diameter

The size of a wheel is measured in a diameter and width. The size of the wheel must be intended to fit the wheel or custom rims. For example:

A tire size P215/65 R15 is made for a wheel that has a 15” diameter while a P225/50R16 91S tire is indicated to fit a 16” diameter wheel. Tires must be designed to fit together snug for the best performance on the road. Tires that have a rim diameter are determined in inches ranging from 8-28 inch rims sizes. These tire rim sizes are most common on used cars, minivans, sport cars, utility vehicles and work trucks. It’s critical that the tire and wheel diameters are always confirmed to match before the tire is mounted on the wheel.

Get a transmission repair in Duluth Georgia today!

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