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We all have nightmare stories or experiences with an auto shop somewhere. All our mechanics understand this which is why we go out of our way to take care of all your auto repair needs in the most efficient way possible. Our mission is simple: exceed all expectations. We’ve been around long enough to where fathers bring their sons and daughters with their vehicles to us for routine service and car repairs. That’s the highest compliment our customers can pay us. We do all we can to repay them by trying to be the best auto repair shop in Duluth.

Jimmy Tran started Southern Motor Works more than 12 years ago now with one goal in mind. He didn’t like what he saw other auto shops doing with their customers. He didn’t want to take any shortcuts with repairs, and he simply wanted to provide the best auto services around. He’s assembled a team of highly trained, highly experienced mechanics together to deliver expert, affordable auto repairs.

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For over 12 years now, we at Southern Motor Works have been proudly serving customers from areas all around Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Lawrenceville, Buford, and Duluth to ensure their cars receive the best service in town! Call us today at 770-497-0771 to schedule an appointment for high-quality auto repairs at an affordable cost.

Air conditioning is very important for a car to have because it keeps you cool during hot weather and it keeps out must and bad smells. With a broken air conditioning, it can make your car smell bad and can make you get very hot in your car, which is very bad. It is important to keep the air conditioning on during hot weather, and thankfully there aren’t too many ways that you can break your air conditioning. However, it is possible to jam your air conditioning with an object and cause it to stop working. It is important to keep small objects away from the air conditioning and close it when you aren’t using it. Only keep it on if you are using it or if you truly need it. Having it on when you don’t need it can make it run out. If you are unlucky enough to break your air conditioner then it is very important to get the air conditioning repaired, as soon as possible, because if you don’t repair the air conditioning quickly, you won’t be able to stay cool during hot weather and that can be bad for you and anyone that stays in your car. If you need your air conditioning fixed visit Southern Motor Works and Auto Repairs and contact us!