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Oil Changes Are an Important Part of Routine Auto Maintenence

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Why Oil Changes Are Important?

When it comes to auto maintenance,  oil changes are the most common yet extremely important services we provide. Oil is an important part of keeping your vehicle healthy by working to keep your engine clean and clear of any excess dirt and debris. Many people tend to let it go by the wayside which leads to many different more expensive repairs that are generally avoided through routine oil servicing. Typically, oil is only changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles but it varies between vehicles.

Below are four important reasons to bring your car in for regular oil change services: 

Common Questions We Get About Oil Changes

Below are a few questions we have frequently asked about oil changes:

Conventional oil is created from petroleum base stocks that provides basic engine protection because of the process that is used for refining. Conventional oils tend to suffer from thinning due to higher temperatures, or thickening in lower temperatures. Synthetic oil is made using synthetic-base stocks or petroleum-base stocks. The makeup of synthetic oil provides all around better protection for your engine against deposits, heat, and friction. 

During an oil change, oil is drained from your vehicle which removes any dirt, debris, and sludge that has built up since your  last service. Your oil filter is also replaced which helps add another layer of protection to your engine against contaminant build up. Finally new oil that you have selected is added back into the vehicle to the appropriate level.

When you buy a new car you probably think that your first oil change should happen after 5,000 miles or more. Unfortunately that is not the case. Most manufacturers add a different kind of oil to new cars which is made to keep the engine in tip top shape until it is purchased due to sitting in a lot for long periods of time. Typically unless instructed otherwise by your dealership or manufacturer you should get your first oil change at around 1,500 miles. After your first oil change you are good to go for 3,000 to 5,000 miles as standard for most vehicles.

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