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Car Suspension and Power Steering Repair in Duluth, GA

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Suspension and Power Steering Service in Duluth, GA!

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Without an adequately working suspension system and power steering components, it isn’t easy to operate a vehicle correctly. If you’ve ever had your power steering fluid leak and tried to turn your wheel, you know exactly what we mean. There’s nothing quite like turning the steering wheel back and forth without any hint of even changing lanes. When you know what’s happening with your car, you can have the problem addressed quickly, saving you money and time in the future. You don’t have to be an expert by any means, that’s why the expert mechanics at Southern Motor Works are here, but there’s no harm in having some insight into the technicalities of your mode of transportation.

How to Tell if Your Suspension System is Damaged

There are a few warning signs that your call will offer up to you if it needs suspension repair. Your suspension works hard, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Southern Motor Works auto repair if something feels off to you. Here’s what to look for:

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Problems With Your Power Steering

If your vehicle requires power steering system repair, you might experience:

If you find any of these issues, call us immediately for an appointment. Losing your power steering is really a safety issue in most cars today.


Frequently Asked Questions About Suspension and Power Steering Repair

At Southern Motor Works, we’ve been in the car repair business for over 12 years, and our loyal Duluth, GA, customer base has asked us plenty of outstanding questions about fixing their suspension systems. Here is a couple of essential FAQs that we haven’t already answered:

The repair process differs with every vehicle, depending on symptoms and additional customer queries, but typically, your transmission will be removed from the car, chemically cleaned, and washed. We will replace broken parts with new, updated components and perform any required electrical repairs.

The professionals at Southern Motor Works are equipped to handle your suspension and power steering repairs and concerns. As a smaller company, we’re more affordable than larger corporations, and we understand your vehicle is essential to your life running smoothly.

Because your suspension is responsible for your vehicle’s comfortability and handling, all car owners need to know that plenty of aspects can affect its performance. Even perfectly normal, sun-soaked, dry road conditions can cause the major components (struts, shocks, and springs) of the suspension system on your vehicle to weaken.

Speaking of wallets, the cost of fixing your suspension system will vary based on what has gone wrong with it and the auto shop doing the fixing. The national average ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 and considers your car’s make and model and what your insurance policy covers.

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