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Flat Tire Repairs Get You Back On The Road 

There are not many situations that can ruin your day like a flat tire. Roads are full of various types of debris, making your tires susceptible to all kinds of damage. Depending on the location of a puncture, cut, or any type of damage the tire may not be able to be replaced.  

Below are a few key signs to determine if you need your tires replaced or repaired:

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Frequently Asked Questions: Flat Tire Repair and Replacement

Flat or leaking tires are a common occurrence for us and we repair and replace them multiple times a day. Many of our customers ask great questions about tire repair so we rounded up some of the most common questions we receive to provide as many people with information on flat tire repair.  

If your tire goes flat while driving find a safe spot to pull over. Your best options from here are to change the tire to your spare and take the damaged tire to us for repair, or call a towing service to have it moved to our shop where we can repair it.

While you may consider filling it up and hoping you make it to your destination we advise you don’t drive on a damaged tire. This can cause damage to your vehicles wheels and even blowout the tire. 

Every vehicle has a storage spot for a spare tire as flat are a fairly common occurrence. We can find you a spare tire that fits your car at an affordable price!

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