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Diagnosing a Failing Alternator

If your alternator needs replacement, you’ll know it if your vehicle struggles to turn over. You may still operate your car for a very brief period of time with a lousy alternator, and only if your battery is in perfect condition, so we recommend driving it straight to us. A failing alternator likely means that your battery isn’t getting enough electricity and is therefore weak as a result. You can always remove your negative battery cable while the car is running. If the engine dies, your alternator needs help.

If you notice any of the following symptoms while driving, it’s a possibility that your alternator is having problems:

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Diagnosing a Failing Alternator

You can carry out a process in your very own driveway to determine whether your starter is on its way out. First, turn the key. If your engine doesn’t turn over, you’ve either got a drained battery or a bad starter on your hands.

Turn your ignition a few times, listening carefully for a click. If you hear it, you’ve likely got a faulty starter. Next, open the hood and jiggle the connections on your car battery. You can turn on your headlights to check if they are not as bright as usual. If your battery doesn’t appear low, then, you guessed it, it’s your starter.

You can try to re-engage your starter, but it will need replacement within the next few starts, so you’ll want to make an auto repair appointment as soon as possible. Southern Motor Works has years of experience in starter replacement, and we are happy to run additional tests to determine a starter problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Repair

Below are a few questions we receive quite often about transmission repair and replacement.

Alternator replacement can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000. This price range varies based on the make and model of the vehicle which is why the average price is such a wide range.

Always calculated before private discounts given at many auto repair shops nationwide, the average cost to replace a starter in the U.S. is $200 to $800. The price will vary from vehicle to vehicle and depends heavily on location.

Consider starter replacement when:
● Your engine refuses to turn over, it’s clicking, and you have a healthy car battery
● The starter grinds the whole time you’re driving

Southern Motor Works has been in the business of replacing and repairing alternators and starters for our clients in Duluth, Georgia, for more than twelve years. Our services are extensive, and because we’re smaller, we’re able to provide our customers with personalized assistance at an affordable price.

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