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What is an Alignment? 

Are you experiencing poor handling, uneven tread wear on your tires, or notice your car pulling to one side or the other when driving? Chances are your wheels have been knocked out of alignment. This can be caused by a number of factors such as potholes, curbs, and even general road wear. 

Below are a few simple steps to help you inspect your wheels and determine if your vehicle needs an alignment:

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Frequently Asked Questions: Alignments

We perform alignments on a daily basis so we have seen about every make, model, and scenario. Our mechanics are constantly learning on and off the job to provide customers with exceptional service. Below we have listed some of the questions we receive about alignments on a regular basis so you know exactly what we provide.

A vehicle alignment ensure that your suspension, steering, and wheels are all lined up properly to avoid uneven tread wear, pulling to a certain side when on a flat and straight road, and poor vehicle handling and steering response. Making sure that your vehicle is aligned keeps you on the road and ensures the safety for you and other drivers.

There are many different things that can throw the alignment in a vehicle off-center. This ranges from potholes, running into curbs, train tracks, speed bumps, and over an extended period of time through normal vehicle use. Truthfully any kind of excessive bumps can throw off you vehicles alignment so make sure to always pay attention to your surrounding and take necessary bumps slowly. 

Most often it is a good idea to have your alignment checked at the very minimum annually or when you receive a multi-point inspection. This ensures that if your vehicle is out of alignment it doesn’t stay that way for long reducing your chance at further more costly repairs. However if you feel like you car is handling poorly at any point we recommended setting up an appointment to have it checked just to be sure.   

When we begin the process of alignment we always start with a detailed inspection of the suspension, steering, and wheel mechanical systems. This allows us to determine the exact condition of the vehicle to create a service plan. When our service is completed we will have provided front and rear mechanical adjustments unless you have requested only the front or back to be worked on or it was recommended by your mechanic. We also ensure that you wheels are straight and true and the full alignment meets your vehicle manufacturers specifications for you model. 

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