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How to Tell if Your Brakes Are Wearing Thin 

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to the safety of everyone on the road. When your brakes begin to fail your vehicle becomes a hazard creating a potential for disastrous situations. When you make an appointment for brake service with us, we thoroughly inspect your braking system to ensure that every part is safe for operation. 

We have listed some warning signs of brake failure and when you should look into getting a replacement:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brake Replacements

Here at Southern Motor Works, we take on a ton of brake replacement jobs. We have experienced almost every possible situation you can think of and we receive a lot of questions on a regular basis. Below we have listed a handful of questions we are asked about brake replacements.

Brake pads unlike other parts of your vehicle tend to vary quite drastically due to the many different conditions that can effect their lifespan. This includes things such as hard braking, mountain driving, highway driving, and how much time you spend in stop and go traffic. When you press the brakes more often or tend to brake harder, this causes the pads to deteriorate faster. The average is around every 40,ooo miles you should have them replaced or if they are less than 3 millimeters thick.

Brake fluid is used to help move the hydraulic components within you braking system and translates the force from the pedal into pressure on the brakes.

Shaking and shuddering in vehicles can be cause by a few different things. When your talking about the brake system specifically it could be brake rotor or brake drum that has become out of round. It could also be worn down brake hardware or the brake caliper could be sticking causing your steering wheel to shake.  

If your vehicles brake warning light illuminates, it is a good idea to take it to the shop as soon as possible. This could be caused by low brake fluid, leaking brakes, or even worn brakes pads. It could also be a faulty sensor but you should still have it inspected just to be sure.

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