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Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire is pretty normal for a lot of people, as it occurs when you hit a bump too hard with your tires or hit a sharp object with your tires. Flat tires should be fixed, as they can affect the way that you drive. Flat tires can make you lose control of your car and can mess up your driving completely, which is why you should avoid getting a flat tire. To avoid getting a flat tire you can be more careful over bumps and cracks in the road and you can try to avoid running over objects that can damage the tires of your car. Getting a flat tire can be very inconvenient and can really be bad if you get it at the wrong time. Damaged tires can vary from how you flattened them. Like, a flat tire from running over a bump is different from a flat tire from running over a sharp object.  Repairing a flat tire, while it isn’t hard and not too expensive can be annoying if you are in the wrong area. If you have a flat tire that needs to be filled or repaired go to Southern Motor Works and Auto Repair and contact us!